Pinwheel {flash fiction}

I got my first pinwheel at a Fourth of July parade, sweating on a steaming curb. I was five years old at the time, and I could show you I knew it too, five pudgy fingers spread wide. Women on stilts with star-spangled pants tossed pinwheels to the kids below. I’d like to think I... Continue Reading →


Pennies {essay}

Pennies   The tide rises, the tide falls, The twilight darkens, the curlew calls;   Mommy holds my hand tightly as we clomp across the wooden planks. Every time we get close to a shadow I jump so my shoes will light up. Daddy stops us and points at a fisherman. He is unhooking a... Continue Reading →

The Capillarity of Truth [Mystery Short Story]

Credit: The Capillarity of Truth   The bedside table was ringing. No. The phone on the bedside table was ringing. Jim fumbled in the dark and pressed the cold, plastic receiver to his face. “Hello?” he said. “Jim. It’s me. Lance.” Jim sat up in bed as a flash of lightning illuminated waterey veins crisscrossing... Continue Reading →

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