Irreantum   He stood upon the shore, he watched the rolling grey, and he called it Irreantum, Irreantum Irreae.   It lapped in swaths, in currents. It peppered cold with spray, Thralling him and calling, Irreantum Irreae.   Far off, the cold horizon surrendered first her ray, while all the time re-echoed Irreantum Irreae.  ... Continue Reading →


Tick-less — Poem

Tick-less   Inaudible clacking of clavier keys. Inarticulate tapping of talons on eves. Chattering leaves, grey in the gutter. A battery wilts while watch hands sputter. Jostling toothpicks in kitchenette drawers— I hear them all. The universe snores.   —M.M.

The Double-Decker Couch – Part Three, Gatekeepers and the A-flat

Gatekeepers and the A-flat Sometimes I worry that listening to gatekeepers is dangerous. I don’t want to get sucked into “kleptomentia”—the unintentional stealing of ideas.[1] How can creative ideas be original if they come from someone else? Isn’t the point of creativity to break free of societal norms? If you feel this way too, you... Continue Reading →

The Double-Decker Couch – Part Four, P-creativity & H-creativity

P-creativity & H-creativity So, if choice is central to creativity, how do we go about making choices? That depends on our motivations. In her book entitled The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms, Margaret Boden divides creative motivation into two main categories: P-creativity and H-creativity. P-creativity (shorthand for psychological creativity) is motivated by a sense of... Continue Reading →

The Double-Decker Couch – Part Five, The Two Q’s—Creativity in Practice

The Two Q’s—Creativity in Practice My first swim coach, Coach Mike, had lungs like a sergeant. I remember standing on the pool deck with my teammates—a twiggy band of eight- and nine-year-olds—dripping and shivering, as Coach Mike walked up and down the poolside, a whistle around his neck and bushy chest hair visible above his... Continue Reading →

The Double-Decker Couch – Part Six, Busting through Creative Blocks

Busting through Creative Blocks Some days I don’t want to practice creativity. I’m not a quality-er or a quantity-er—I’m just stuck. Usually, this happens when I start to compare my creative work to the work of others. This piece of music, I think, is just the worst. In such moments, it feels like other people... Continue Reading →

The Double-Decker Couch – Part Seven, Your Genius and the Double-Decker Couch

Your Genius and the Double-Decker Couch Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, gave a TED Talk with the best advice I have ever found for how to continue making creative choices toward your goals even when you feel “just the worst.” In the talk, she admitted that she too worries about her creativity and... Continue Reading →

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