Time   Time. Time marches. Time tolling like a bell. Deep. Deep within. Deep within the seconds fell. Thick. Thick and full. Thick and full of living sound. Take. Take your time. Take your time or lose your ground. -M.M.


A Lucky Poem

Lucky Green Pencil   I have a lucky pencil, It’s number 2 and green, It sharpens to a perfect point, And erases like a dream.   But no amount of luck, Or pencil green as grass, Can help you with the test, You haven’t tried to pass.   -M.M.

An Exceptional Exception

In deviation from the usual poetry/mini-stories, today I am posting an essay on Pride and Prejudice, a book a recently finished reading and thorougly enjoyed. An Exceptional Exception It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in want of literary success must, as a rule, endure a terribly tragic life. Charlotte Brontë’s mother died of cancer... Continue Reading →

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