The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award The Liebster Award is an award spread blogger-to-blogger. Like a chain email, but more exciting. The Liebster Award is specifically for blogs with less than 200 followers. The nominee must answer 11 questions  (created by the nominator). The nominee must then nominate 5 other blogs, asking 11 questions. I (Smiles in the... Continue Reading →


The Epic of Solemnon V

V. “In the night, I stole away, With rope and purpose true, To travel to the castle to, Maurice’s safe rescue."   “I saw her silhouetted form, In lighted castle tower, But before I could begin, Clocks told the witching hour."   “Then saw I the ghostly form, Of that dreaded, haunting spirit, Gliding toward... Continue Reading →

Christmas Lights Along the Coast

  Christmas Lights along the Coast   Christmas Lights along the coast, Keep the cheery spirit crisp. With rolling ripcurls on the sand, And rigs on the horizon. And jingle bells, And flip-flops, Salty smells, And raindrops. The marine mist melting most mornings. The balmy sun basking on bronzed beaches, Before the sunset. Sinking slow.... Continue Reading →

The Checkerboard, Snake-eyes, and the Fish

Checkerboard and Snake-eyes and the Fish Note: For our purposes, we will call the White side the top and the Yellow the bottom. I will refer to the horizontal planes from top to bottom as the Top, Horizontal Middle, and Bottom. The vertical layers will be called the Right-hand, Left-hand, and the Vertical Middle. Pre-requisite:... Continue Reading →

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