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The Writer {a waltz}

credit: tasteofomi.deviantart.com "The Writer" is a piano waltz I composed. Originally, it was titled the "Elipses Waltz" because  of the reoccuring "dot dot dot" motif. (. . .) Below you can find links to the pdf sheet music as well as a rough audio recording of … Continue reading The Writer {a waltz}

Defying Gravity

I love Wicked. Not being wicked, but the magical, musical WICKED. This is a recording I did a while back of a piano reduction of "Defying Gravity". You can download the audio from the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By2Jaqrpo1ywY0FVeEtQaEVTVnc/edit?usp=sharing Here are the lyrics, just for kicks and … Continue reading Defying Gravity