A Day with Monet in Paris

When I was in middle school, I went with my parents and grandparents to a special exhibit of paintings at the Venetian in Las Vegas. It was my first real exposure to fine paintings. At the time, I didn’t know much about art (I’m still not an art historian by a long shot), but I... Continue Reading →


“Remember Me” from Disney Pixar’s Coco

  https://youtu.be/3QBIBOsQ0zw   For free sheet music, click on the link below: Remember Me Sheet Music If you like this, you might also like "Let it Go" from Frozen: https://smilesinthesky.wordpress.com/?s=let+it+go Find more free sheet music HERE. If you make a video of yourself playing this piece, put a link in the comments and I will post... Continue Reading →

Defying Gravity

I love Wicked. Not being wicked, but the magical, musical WICKED. This is a recording I did a while back of a piano reduction of "Defying Gravity". You can download the audio from the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By2Jaqrpo1ywY0FVeEtQaEVTVnc/edit?usp=sharing Here are the lyrics, just for kicks and grins: Defying Gravity ELPHABA Something has changed within me Something... Continue Reading →

Let it Go

I recently saw Disney's latest animated fairytale-musical Frozen and really enjoyed it. My favorite part of the whole production was definitely the music. One song in particular, "Let it Go", left me speechless. I love the beauty, inspiration, and empowering message of the song, performed by Idina Menzel (known for her role as Elphaba in Wicked).... Continue Reading →


  Accolades   All great awards and accolades Darken, as their glory fades, And with the ticking of the clock, The walls regale with silent talk, The stories time has ceased to tell, Of heroes, who had triumphed well, Till memories are overlooked, Overdrawn and underbooked, The legends turned to legacy, The name preserved for... Continue Reading →

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