Fearless   Faith and fear may be opposed, but the two are not opposites. Do not be deceived. For faith is brighter, is stronger, is vaster, than pinched-up, fist-clenched, pitiable fear. —M.M. Watercolor by Maria Raczynska. Watch a video of it being painted here. More poetry by M.M. here.


For deciphering purposes, this video may be of help. Schrödinger's Cat And now, on with the poem... Superposition Superposition. A cat in a box, Immeasurably living and dead. One half-life Is equal to four-and-a-half. The box. Either Blue or red. Could purple be both? Is this a dream? Inception. Deception. Beware! Any pets, Schrödinger gets,... Continue Reading →

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