Fearless   Faith and fear may be opposed, but the two are not opposites. Do not be deceived. For faith is brighter, is stronger, is vaster, than pinched-up, fist-clenched, pitiable fear. —M.M. Watercolor by Maria Raczynska. Watch a video of it being painted here. More poetry by M.M. here.

Ryan’s Courage {narrative essay}

Credit: www.glogster.com Ryan’s Courage   Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest. —Joshua 1:9 “I am sorry that your father could not come to say goodbye. It would arouse the Russians’ suspicions if he... Continue Reading →

Half the Battle

The parapets were well-equipped, The battlements safe-guarded, The walls of this sage citadel, Prepared to be bombarded.   The ballistae and catapults, Were primed to make their mark, The tower keep surveyed the deep, A sentinel of dark.   Yet no vigil, howe’er sharp, Absorbs entirely. Still they believed they were prepared To thwart the... Continue Reading →

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