The Rithmatist — Book Review

The Rithmatist is a YA novel by Brandon Sanderson. The story is set in a steam-punk alternative United States, called the United Isles, where magic-wielding rithmatists protect the people from creatures called chalklings. I will admit, seeing that past sentence in letters on the page makes the book sound super nerdy. Any I suppose it is.... Continue Reading →


Avengers: Infinity War—Movie Review

As a preface to this movie review, I want you to understand two things. First, I will not spoil the movie for you. Second, I am not as much a superhero fan as I am a story fan. I go to the movies to enjoy stories, not so much for the action (although, a bit... Continue Reading →

The Capillarity of Truth [Mystery Short Story]

Credit: The Capillarity of Truth   The bedside table was ringing. No. The phone on the bedside table was ringing. Jim fumbled in the dark and pressed the cold, plastic receiver to his face. “Hello?” he said. “Jim. It’s me. Lance.” Jim sat up in bed as a flash of lightning illuminated waterey veins crisscrossing... Continue Reading →


Blanks   Fill in this          . The Titanic          . A lemon rind is               . Hide and          . Think, then           . For he’s a jolly-good               . An apple a        . Work and          . Can you hear me        ? Just goes to          , You never            , When or Why or          .   But let’s... Continue Reading →

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