Happy Birthday, Halloween

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! we sang to my brother when he’d just turned two. Make a wish and blow out the candle, we said. He took a big breath and his face turned bright red. Then he let it all go and blew out the flame. He reached for the cake... Continue Reading →


Moonlight Sonata

  Moonlight Sonata   The sun setting red on the corpse of the ship, backlit the masts—their whirl and their whip and the snap of the shredded, sad sails and the lip of the wheel forsaken—the captainless crypt, unnamed on the waters, so ghastly and still, stirring now Northward, now Southward, at will.   Now... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Were

Weekly Post Challenge: I Wish I Were I'd always heard of people spacing important dates- birthdays, anneversaries, and even President's day- but I'd never considered forgetting something so fundamental as today. I suppose it all began when I decided what to wear today. In the spirit of spontinaety, I reached into my closet, fishing around for a... Continue Reading →


Tortured Let me detail, for you now, Atrocities absurd. Listen of this massacre. Harken! Every word. In the early autumn, When chill wind begins to churn, Groups of people stalk the night, ‘Neath Moon’s ethereal burn. Armed with knives, they slice the night, -Their chosen tool of crime- To torture many vicitms, In dark and... Continue Reading →

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