If you’re tired because you’ve tried, that’s okay. Often the best steps forward are spelled with the same letters. —M.M. Watercolor by Yong Chen. Read more by M.M.

Solving the Middle Layer of the Rubik’s Cube

This tutorial talks about how to solve the middle layer of the Rubik's cube once you have solved the top. Need to review? Click here. Ready for the next step? Click here. Note: For our purposes, we will call the White side the top and the Yellow the bottom. I will refer to the horizontal... Continue Reading →

Writing Tips for the Author of a Bored Audience

Jeremy said, "One of the most difficult aspects of writing is crafting sentences that really engage the reader." Jenny, a close friend of Jeremy's, disagreed. "No. It's really not that hard. All you have to do is make it more interesting." "But that's my problem, making it interesting," said Jeremy. "Exactly," said Jenny. Let's see... Continue Reading →

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