How do you take a Mistake?

How do you take a mistake? Does your face flush or pale? Do you shake? Do you blame the salt and claim it’s his fault that you never learned to bake cake?   Do you think you’re a fluke or a fake? Does the future look dim or opaque? Though it’s not quite a nope,... Continue Reading →

On the Eve of Getting Older

  On the Eve of Getting Older   On the eve of getting older, I’m feeling unprepared. It’s not that I am frightened, Or even that I’m scared.   For what’s another day? Another time? Another place? Another measly moment Living in this place?   I do not have the answer, But Apprehension sits, Gnawing... Continue Reading →


  Accolades   All great awards and accolades Darken, as their glory fades, And with the ticking of the clock, The walls regale with silent talk, The stories time has ceased to tell, Of heroes, who had triumphed well, Till memories are overlooked, Overdrawn and underbooked, The legends turned to legacy, The name preserved for... Continue Reading →

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