The Cook Book

The Cook Book   I got myself an apron. I got a tall white hat. I bought myself a ladle. I bought a cutting mat. I found the strainers, knives, and spoons —it said to in my book. Now it looks like all I need’s a book on how to cook. —M.M. Watercolor by Bev... Continue Reading →

Santa Claus’ Uncle

Santa Claus' Uncle, Jimmy Claus McFunkle, likes to ride around on skis, trumpeting wishes in the breeze, and if you have a special wish, he might just trumpet you a fish! —M.M. Artwork by Cameron Royce. Our book of children's poems Tell Me When I'm Younger is out on Amazon. Check it out here. See more of... Continue Reading →

Short Story “Chicken Coup” Published in The Palouse Review

My tall tale short story "Chicken Coup" is out today, published in The Palouse Review. Click here to read "Chicken Coup" online!  "Chicken Coup" follows a brother and sister and their crazy adventure volunteering at a farm for their middle school science club. I hope you have as much fun reading the story as I did writing... Continue Reading →


  Aux   First, cords like brambles crammed in the crevasse between the wall and the entertainment center.   Second, the wire brigade with their plug diagnostics and electrical metering, mapping the genome of the audio-visual interface.   Then, the ground crew techies with their bundles and rolls of electrical tape and outlet covers, bristling... Continue Reading →

True Love

True Love   “You want to do WHAT?” “Marry him.” “But… he’s fictional—” “And perfect.” “And I wrote him into existence.” “Romantic, isn’t it. I just can’t wait to—” “BUT HE’S NOT REAL.” “So what?” “So what what? Are you going to put the book on the altar and…” “Yes. Won’t it be wonderful: I... Continue Reading →

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