Just in time for Valentine’s Day

Will You Still Kiss Me?   I’m sorry. I should have realized by the color of the stripes and the softness of the bristles that it was your toothbrush. -M.M. image by iStock



  Aux   First, cords like brambles crammed in the crevasse between the wall and the entertainment center.   Second, the wire brigade with their plug diagnostics and electrical metering, mapping the genome of the audio-visual interface.   Then, the ground crew techies with their bundles and rolls of electrical tape and outlet covers, bristling... Continue Reading →

True Love

True Love   “You want to do WHAT?” “Marry him.” “But… he’s fictional—” “And perfect.” “And I wrote him into existence.” “Romantic, isn’t it. I just can’t wait to—” “BUT HE’S NOT REAL.” “So what?” “So what what? Are you going to put the book on the altar and…” “Yes. Won’t it be wonderful: I... Continue Reading →

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