Morning in Paris (Video)   Free sheet music and more information about this piece HERE. -M.M.


Pocket Lint

Pocket lint   Pocket lint is love: cozy, secret, and inexplicable, buried in every person's pocket, a puff of imagination.   Some do not care for it. They flick it away, emptying their pockets of feeling, while others collect it, stashing it close to their soul where it can breathe and thrive.   It may... Continue Reading →

True Love

True Love   “You want to do WHAT?” “Marry him.” “But… he’s fictional—” “And perfect.” “And I wrote him into existence.” “Romantic, isn’t it. I just can’t wait to—” “BUT HE’S NOT REAL.” “So what?” “So what what? Are you going to put the book on the altar and…” “Yes. Won’t it be wonderful: I... Continue Reading →

Acrostic Love

photo credit: Love, Crosscut  Let’s Overdo Virtually Everything. Lemons Only Value Errors. Listen Often, Veto Eloquently. Lose Our Various Excuses. On Valentine’s, Eh? Last, Our Victory Endures. Lunch Overboard. Vomit. Eek. Let Our Voyage Enrich Love. -M.M.

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