Riddle   A compendium of trinkets Cleverly arranged To terrify the blinking, Backward, and estranged. Call it reverse amnesia, Call it spoil-sport, But the rarest of all riddles Is that with no retort. -M.M.


Looks Like a Pretzel

Looks Like a Pretzel   He told me it looks like a pretzel, but isn’t. But isn’t? What looks like a pretzel but isn’t? A tangle of noodles? The Gordian knot? A piece of pastrami that’s twisted a lot? Infinity, broken and drooping? A sin? The handles of scissors? A pretzel-shaped pin? The shape of... Continue Reading →


Sanity sanity vanity, varnish tarnish, tertiary, terrier ferrier, fairy, fairly, flare, care, carrot, carol, careful, careless, hairless, hapless, happy, hoppy, harpy, harp, sharp, shard, shed, shelter skelter, skeleton, scan, man, manatee sanity -M.M.

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