Irreantum   He stood upon the shore, he watched the rolling grey, and he called it Irreantum, Irreantum Irreae.   It lapped in swaths, in currents. It peppered cold with spray, Thralling him and calling, Irreantum Irreae.   Far off, the cold horizon surrendered first her ray, while all the time re-echoed Irreantum Irreae.  ... Continue Reading →


No Need for Calculophobia

If I say the word ‘calculus’, most people I know disappear behind a mental shield as if to say, “Ahhhh! Confusing word! Don’t hurt me!” but calculus really isn’t that scary. Silly waves of arithmophobia can be easily overcome with some simple explanations. As Hermione once said, “Fear of a name only increases fear of... Continue Reading →

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