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Fireflies Sheet Music

I received a request in a comment on Youtube to post sheet music to my cover of “Fireflies” by Owl City. I dug back through my archives and found some sheet music I created back when I first started creating electronic sheet music. I have decided to post it here in case you too are interested in playing it. Click the underlined link below to access the pdf.


And in case you missed the original Youtube video, posted years ago, here it is:

The Writer {a waltz}


credit: tasteofomi.deviantart.com

“The Writer” is a piano waltz I composed. Originally, it was titled the “Elipses Waltz” because  of the reoccuring “dot dot dot” motif. (. . .) Below you can find links to the pdf sheet music as well as a rough audio recording of the piece.

The Writer [PDF Sheet music]

The Writer [mp3 audio]

Thanks for music-ing with me!


Grakštumas {Grace}



Grakštumas (pronounced grack-shtew-mas) is a Lithuanian word meaning “grace” or “elegance”. Below, you can find a free audio recording and free easy sheet music for the piece. I felt it was time that I composed a piece for beginning musicians, so here it is.

Click the Link below to access the sheet music.

Grakštumas [PDF]

The link below will take you to the audio recording.


Keep on music-ing!


Free “Let it Go” Sheet Music


A little while ago I posted this cover of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen. I have finally finished the sheet music for you to enjoy. It is below. Click the link and enjoy!

Let it Go

If the link is not working, the pdf can be found here (It may take a minute to load):


To listen to the computer play the sheet music:


A user requested sheet music with lyrics, so here is the link for the pdf of the music with English lyrics.

Let it Go (with lyrics)

The video url address is: