Storytelling like Pixar with Matthew Luhn

I attended a recent event where Matthew Luhn, a creator at Pixar, shared his advice and thoughts on storytelling. He was quick to point out that storytelling is an important skill in all fields, not just in what some call entertainment jobs. So without further ado, here are tips on storytelling from Matthew Luhn: Story... Continue Reading →


A Beach Getaway to Le Havre

Le Havre [Loo Ah-v-ruh] is a French seaport in Normandy. The town was almost completely destroyed in World War I, so architect Auguste Perret undertook the job of redesigning the city so that it would still feel French, but with modern considerations in mind. Thus, Le Havre has remarkably wide streets and building facades that... Continue Reading →

“Remember Me” from Disney Pixar’s Coco   For free sheet music, click on the link below: Remember Me Sheet Music If you like this, you might also like "Let it Go" from Frozen: Find more free sheet music HERE. If you make a video of yourself playing this piece, put a link in the comments and I will post... Continue Reading →

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