Tick-less   Inaudible clacking of clavier keys. Inarticulate tapping of talons on eves. Chattering leaves, grey in the gutter. A battery wilts while watch hands sputter. Jostling toothpicks in kitchenette drawers— I hear them all. The universe snores.   —M.M.

When the Heatwave Hit Nebraska

When the heatwave hit Nebraska the cows keeled over dead— Not really dead, but nearly dead, (at least that’s what the farmers said) when the heat wave hit Nebraska. When the heatwave hit Nebraska the cornfields went bone dry— Not real bones, just dirt and stones. The baking skies were filled with moans when the... Continue Reading →


  Accolades   All great awards and accolades Darken, as their glory fades, And with the ticking of the clock, The walls regale with silent talk, The stories time has ceased to tell, Of heroes, who had triumphed well, Till memories are overlooked, Overdrawn and underbooked, The legends turned to legacy, The name preserved for... Continue Reading →

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