Brainfood   Chocolate is like kindness: you can always use a little more of it in your system. —M.M.

The Father Christmas Letters—Book Review

As always, this review is spoiler-free! The Father Christmas Letters is a compilation of letters by author J.R.R. Tolkien to his children written under the guise of Father Christmas (Santa Clause). The letters span the years 1925–38 and contain original artwork by Tolkien. Here are some of my impressions of The Father Christmas Letters: Glimpses of The Lord... Continue Reading →


Preludium —  (n.) a prelude, an opening, an introduction (in music and literature); a preparation, a sign of things to come. Download Sheet Music for Preludium Here One Page Condensed Sheet Music for Preludium Here - M.M.

Melting Point

  Melting Point   It’s raining on the fallen snow and I’m happy—don’t know why. The street is muddy sludge, the grass is flat and pale, the sky is woolen grey, so why? Why is it I’m happy? The world’s a mess and it’s the best. I’m happy—don’t know why.   -M.M.

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