It's not so much about doing well as it is about doing good. —M.M. Don't forget to check out my newest book, Tell Me When I'm Younger, out now on Amazon.   Watercolor credit: T.C. Chiu of Pine Brook Studios in New Jersey. For another poem, click here.


Pinwheel {flash fiction}

I got my first pinwheel at a Fourth of July parade, sweating on a steaming curb. I was five years old at the time, and I could show you I knew it too, five pudgy fingers spread wide. Women on stilts with star-spangled pants tossed pinwheels to the kids below. I’d like to think I... Continue Reading →

Melting Point

  Melting Point   It’s raining on the fallen snow and I’m happy—don’t know why. The street is muddy sludge, the grass is flat and pale, the sky is woolen grey, so why? Why is it I’m happy? The world’s a mess and it’s the best. I’m happy—don’t know why.   -M.M.

Acrostic Love

photo credit: Love, Crosscut  Let’s Overdo Virtually Everything. Lemons Only Value Errors. Listen Often, Veto Eloquently. Lose Our Various Excuses. On Valentine’s, Eh? Last, Our Victory Endures. Lunch Overboard. Vomit. Eek. Let Our Voyage Enrich Love. -M.M.

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