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Till We Meet



“Till We Meet” is a short piece for piano and voice (or really piano and any solo instrument). I was listening to a lot of old folk tunes from the Brittish Isles. One of my favorites is called “The Parting Glass”. I also love the Hymn “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”. “Till We Meet” is a blending of the two to creat something entirely new. I hope you enjoy it. The sheet music can be found below.

Till We Meet [PDF]

Click below for the computer to play the song.

Till We Meet [Noteflight]



Miner Discovery



Miner Discovery


The miner was mining (as miners will do)

With a pick in his hand and a foot in each shoe,

Chipping away in the dark at the stone,

Humming a melody, lost and alone,

With naught but the minimal light from his hat,

Searching for anything new to look at—

A flecklet of gold or silver would do,

Or rubies or diamonds or sapphires blue,

Still chipping away in the colorless light,

Which never was day nor ever was night.


Then with a swing his pickaxe struck home,

The wall so soft that it might have been foam.

“Hoho!” he cried, “I seem to have struck

My very first underground vein of good luck!”

Then pulling his pickaxe out of the crack,

He saw it was covered in something, not black,

But white—a goopy glue, frothy and slick.

It poured from the crack, clumpy and thick.

It formed a small puddle around his old boots

And came to a stop. He let out three hoots.


After tasting the tip of his pick with great care

He knew he had found something yummy to share.

So he scampered away to call the whole crew,

Barefoot, of course, for his boots stuck like glue.

And that is the story of how it was found

That marshmallows come from under the ground.






Fill in this          .

The Titanic          .

A lemon rind is               .

Hide and          .

Think, then           .

For he’s a jolly-good               .

An apple a        .

Work and          .

Can you hear me        ?

Just goes to          ,

You never            ,

When or Why or          .


But let’s give             ,

We can fill in the            .


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