I made this simple arrangement of themes from John Powell's score for Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon for one of my piano students recently. I hope you enjoy it. Click Here to download: Theme_from_How_To_Train_Your_Dragon -M.M.


The first complete song I ever made sheet music for was called "Airborn". (I have since learned that this is not the proper spelling.) I went back and tidied the music up a bit, and now I present it to you in PDF form. In my mind, the piece has three sections which can be... Continue Reading →


Blanks   Fill in this          . The Titanic          . A lemon rind is               . Hide and          . Think, then           . For he’s a jolly-good               . An apple a        . Work and          . Can you hear me        ? Just goes to          , You never            , When or Why or          .   But let’s... Continue Reading →

Writing Tips for the Author of a Bored Audience

Jeremy said, "One of the most difficult aspects of writing is crafting sentences that really engage the reader." Jenny, a close friend of Jeremy's, disagreed. "No. It's really not that hard. All you have to do is make it more interesting." "But that's my problem, making it interesting," said Jeremy. "Exactly," said Jenny. Let's see... Continue Reading →

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