15 Books I Read this Summer

I had the opportunity to read a wide selection of books this summer. Feel free to comment below. What did you think of them? Being Mortal by Atul Gawande A powerful book about contemporary American end-of--life care. This book widened my comprehension of how Americans view death and spurred me to ask some questions about... Continue Reading →


Pinwheel {flash fiction}

I got my first pinwheel at a Fourth of July parade, sweating on a steaming curb. I was five years old at the time, and I could show you I knew it too, five pudgy fingers spread wide. Women on stilts with star-spangled pants tossed pinwheels to the kids below. I’d like to think I... Continue Reading →

All Three

  All Three   He’s parleying at the ice cream parlor. A truth, a truce, a tune. She’s sidling down the silo steps. A might, a night, a June. They’re shifting to a seaing ship. A sail, a soul, a spoon. And angled high above strung love, The sun, the stars, the moon.   -M.M.

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