Thump, Thump, Splat!

Thump, Thump, Splat!  Each autumn when the leaves began to turn from green to orange, the small town of Ravensberg in the Bracken Valley would earnestly prepare for the Great Fall Festival. Wreaths of orange, yellow, and red leaves would appear on front doors, grandmothers would begin practicing their pie making for the Great Pie-Pickin’... Continue Reading →

Mr. Babbage’s Cabbage

Mr. Babbage’s Cabbage Mr. Babbage was world-famous for his skill in vegetable cultivation. World famous in Freesaw County, that is. When it came time for the Freesaw County Fair, you knew the whole world and their kittens would turn up to see Mr. Babbage’s latest vegetable monstrosity. Last year Mr. Babbage’s giant potato was late... Continue Reading →

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