Smiles in the Sky was founded by Michael Mortenson in 2012. Here you can find original writing, music, and articles. The writing category is split into two halves—children’s and general—touching several forms and genres, from picture books and limericks to short stories and essays. In the music category, you can find free sheet music, recordings, and arrangements. The articles category contains, well, articles. Most of these articles are book reviews or movie reviews, but there are also how-to guides and writing tips articles.

The name Smiles in the Sky comes from an early poem of the same name. Today, the name has come to represent the hundreds of people from all over the world who visit to this site and come away with a smile.

If you are interested in using original content from this site, please subscribe, comment, or send an email to contactsmilesinthesky@gmail.com.


About M.M.

Michael Mortenson is a writer who grew up in Las Vegas. His work has been featured in publications from Eric Cohen Books, Scribendi, and BYU. He and his wife live in Utah and enjoy reading, watching movies, swimming, and eating good food.

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  1. Love Shel Silverstein. Think I’ll try one of your children’s stories. Thank you for your comment on my writing blog. I’m getting more and more interested in blogging articles, poetry, book reviews and otherwise enhancing my website for the enjoyment of others. You’ve done a nice job with yours.


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